The AACU will achieve its income and cash flow projections through membership sales, exclusive advertising agreements, advertising and affiliate income. Moreover the AACU will generate additional revenue through government and private foundation grants and donations provided for research, consumer studies and education.

Essential Features for Communities

The mission of the AACU is to educate , advocate and advise the African-American consumer on the selection, purchase, delivery and availability of goods, products, services and information.



Linda Mullen

Make a difference in the community by contributing time, talents, and monetary resources.


Thomas Wood

Encourage a sense of community among ourselves and those we serve.


Karen Polski

Educate and increase awareness of local needs.


Mary Smith

Promote volunteerism and effective philanthropy.

Grow Membership. Foster Community

Our goals and objectives are to be the go-to web-site, forum, and platform for the Black consumer looking for information directly linked to their consumer desire, choices, aspirations, culture and lifestyle.